My name is Lia. I am married and we have 3 daughters and 2 dogs.
I was born in 1956 in Tanzania and when I was 9 years old I
moved with my family to the Netherlands where I have
lived most of my life
From 2000-2004 we have lived in Italy.
It wasn’t until 2016 that I went back to Tanzania
to visit the places where  I have been before.
Although I have never been excluded in my life, I did
often feel lost in this world and I never really knew what
I wanted in my life. Finally I start to get a glimpse of whom
I truly am at the age of 60 years young : ))
So if I would describe myself now, I would say that I am
open-minded, optimistic and humoristic (don’t take
yourself to serious is my motto!)
I always love to tell my point of view on different
topics that sometimes (a lot;)) irritates my near
and dear family (though, they still love me for who
I am). So I think they are quite happy that I can express
my self through a blog, now they don’t have to
listen to my stories

In 2010 I started reading other blogs giving me a different
view on life, it influenced my way of thinking big time!
They also inspired me to start my own blog. In December
2016 I started My blog Life is my University. I use this
blog for my poems.
In this blog, “My Birthright” I will share my opinions on
different subjects. I believe these subjects influence
our every day life, restricting us from our own (Birth)Rights.
Some subjects make me laugh, but sometimes they
also make me cry. One of my main topics is Children.
I often have a feeling that I am an observer
watching a very bad Movie! I can hardly believe we
the People (99%) are excepting so many things  in
this Movie, where WE are the “movie stars”.
I believe we need to wake up, to take back our
Birthright(s): of Peace, Freedom, abundance,
joy, laughter etc.
We can not have Peace if we accept war!
Let us do this together.

I have a Dutch background, please forgive me
for making, mistakes.
Please correct me.