Happy Easter everybody! Today no posts. I am not sure yet, if I will continue with this site. At the moment I am concentrating on putting all my energy in the new site ‘detectiveoftruth.com’. It feels like a website with my own signature, instead of re-posting. While I have been publishing posts on this site, I have learned so much reading the information in ┬áthe articles. I have also learned that in the “alternative news” there is a lot of division. The only thing that we can do, is to take in the information and feel what feels good for us. Nobody can decide for another person what resonates deep within for them. It is the same with all the articles about our Health, what can be a solution for a Health problem for one person may not work for some one else! I will go with the flow, it is the same with this site. I will not close it down, but I am not sure yet if I will be posting on a regular basis!

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