Walking together in a World of Change

Today I will start a new chapter in my life! I have been reading different blogs since 2010. But I have always dreamed of starting
my very own blog ventilating my own opinions.
We do not only have duties in our personal life,  but we have our Rights, our Birthright(s).
For me personally it means taking back my own responsibility in my  life.
We often give “our responsibilities”  to others,  giving our Power away!
We are at a crucial point in our History, where we the People need to take back our own Power.
It is not our physical Power what I am talking about, but the true Power of our Being.
I believe it is about respect, integrity, equality,  working together,
each with our own unique qualities.
This  Power comes from Love, seeing each other for whom we truly are.
Too long we believed in a World of differences, in being the best, in using Power over others.
Now it is time to work together.
I leave my own footprints in the sand, on this beautiful Planet Earth. We each have our own unique footprints. Together we can form a new world walking hand in hand, like the beating of one Heart.

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